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More than ever security is a concern for homeowners, at the same time you don’t want to lose the aesthetic appeal of your home. It’s commonplace to see burglar bars and security gates on most homes in South Africa, this is part of the reason Shutter Supreme security aluminium shutters “stand out” from the rest. Offering security, privacy and at no cost to the aesthetics of your home.

The adjustable louvre blades are reinforced with hardened steel pins running through the end caps of each louvre to ensure an extremely robust yet attractive alternative to steel gates and burglar bars and replaces the need for additional security on windows and doors.

House of Supreme have spent a lot of time developing the Superior Locking System on all Shutter Supreme security shutters and making sure that the quality, reliability and durability is in line with the high standards of Shutter Supreme.

Perfect in a variety of settings, security shutters will not limit your design or security needs.

Shaped Shutters:

Shaped windows look wonderful as an architectural feature in a home, however, traditionally a shaped window creates a real challenge when it comes to practical and attractive window treatments. Custom made shutters are the perfect solution to enhance the lines of the window or door feature and are usually only made out of wood options.

Hinged Shutters:

These shutters are designed to be kept closed, and the blades tilted for light control and privacy etc. Hinged panels are the most commonly specified for standard windows.


Bi-Fold Shutters:

Designed to be used to cover a doorway or as a room divider and windows. Their main appeal is their ability to fold away from the opening, giving an unobstructed view and greater opening space.

Sliding Shutters:

Sliding panels are generally used to cover an opening or divide an area for additional privacy. Their main attraction is their ease of use and that they do not intrude into the room when operated.

Testing and constant innovation keeps this product ahead of its game.

  • Found utilised on exteriors and interiors.
  • Well suited to harsh conditions and coastal climates.
  • Powder-coated in a wide selection of standard colours.
  • Custom colours can also be achieved.
  • The powder-coated finish is UV resistant.
  • Anti-static and flame resistant.
  • Have a blade profile size of 95mm.

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