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Rehau: Summer Living Calls For Versatile Doors

Whether you live in a small apartment or large residence, our South African summer is best enjoyed with versatile doors.  Flexible doors put you in control to choose the amount of airflow and temperature for your home.  Do you prefer to open the doors all the way during a Highveld rainstorm?  Or open just a section for reduced air flow?   Maybe you prefer wide open doors to let garden flow from your patio into your home.  With REHAU’s uPVC doors you have versatility and options at your fingertips! You can choose to your heart’s delight from their wide range of unique doors.

The most popular patio door in South Africa is the sliding door, which is also REHAU’s bestseller.  Apart from the conventional door, REHAU has two additional types of sliding doors.

Securi Slide & Fold door:  This is the most versatile door and unique to REHAU. You can open the main sliding section; or stack all of the sections to one side for the biggest opening space; or open some sections to form ventilation slits for airflow.  When closed, the door sections interlock with each other for increased security.

Agila high slider door: the REHAU answer to our ever-increasing opening sizes.  A sliding door to cater for extra height and width.

The multi-fold door, a concertina-type folding door, is suitable for opening up large patio areas to the garden.

The REHAU range of uPVC doors furthermore includes French doors and residential doors.  French doors are flexible as they consist of two doors that meet in the middle, whereas residential doors consist of one door. Both French and residential doors are suitable for external and internal use, and are often embellished with decorative patterns on the glass.

Are you unsure about which uPVC door to choose for your patio or home from this extensive range?  Contact REHAU for a brochure or visit


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