Beautiful REHAU uPVC windows increase the value of your home

Rusted. Cracked putty breaking off.  Warped frames. Varnish or paint peeling off. Rotten. Splintering. Outdated and tired-looking.

Does the above describe the condition of your windows and doors?

Do you know that REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors will NEVER need to be sanded, painted or varnished?  They will not warp, splinter or rot. All they need is a quick wipe to get rid of dust.  REHAU has 25-year-old uPVC window installations in South Africa to that are still in superb condition.

So before you start sanding, varnishing, sanding again, painting, replacing the putty…. consider replacing your old windows with REHAU uPVC windows and doors with either single or double glazing.

REHAU uPVC is a modern window and door system that offers a myriad of advantages to you, such as fusion-welded joints to increase energy savings and restrict outdoor noise in your home.  They last for many years and are a worthwhile investment that will increase the value of your home immediately.

Doors Contact REHAU on for more information.


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