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Is your living room starting to look a bit outdated? Are you feeling creatively inspired and ready to put your design skills to the test with a living room makeover? Before you dive straight in and start redecorating, you may want to take a look at some 2019 living room trends that are emerging across the globe.


In terms of living room design, this year holds a lot of new and boldly different ideas in store that are sure to bring a fresh and fun new energy into your living space. Here are some of our favourite trends, along with some recommendations on which window coverings to use.

Of the many hues that are taking the spotlight in 2019, blush or dusty pink are firm favourites. We’re seeing living rooms lightening up with this soft, warm colour and taking on a subtly romantic and cozy appeal. So, don’t be scared to play around with pink and add a splash of it to your walls, throws, pillows or wall art!


Which Window Covering Will Work Best? Considering the soft gentle look that this colour brings, a window covering with a soft, homely texture would do this trend justice. The Windovert Lantex Fabric Venetian blind would be an elegant solution. We suggest choosing slats within the beige, nude or cream colour palettes.

2. Curved Furniture

Sharp, hostile corners are being replaced with curvy contours on the furniture front. This is one of the 2019 living room trends that is challenging the way we think about design and bringing a more organic feel to living spaces.


Having curved furniture requires curvy compliments throughout your design. Arched fireplaces, circular rugs or tables and rounded windows can be added to your design to give it unity and consistency.


Which Window Covering Will Work Best? If you are opting for this living room design trend, then you’ll likely be working with windows that stray from rigid, straight shapes. With this in mind, the best option would be to custom fit your blinds or shutters to suit your unique window shape. At Windovert, we have the experience and confidence to take on just about any window shape you can think of.


3 Bring On Biophilia


This living room design trend is all about embracing everything natural (biophilia basically refers to the human desire to connect with nature). Think emerald green colour palettes, a variety of potted plants incorporated into your design and botanical prints on your pillows or upholstery. Anything that brings the outdoors in gets this design trend’s stamp of approval.

Which Window Covering Will Work Best? Naturally textured window coverings like wooden Venetian blinds or woven wood or bamboo blinds are a great option for this trend. It may also be a good idea to consider the option of motorisation for your window coverings, as this can assist with your light control needs and allow you to effortlessly give your potted plants the exact amount of sunlight that they need.

We hope these 2019 living room trends have given you some new and inspiring design ideas. Be sure to look out for our next Windovert blog

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