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Silent furnishings to enhance your home 

We love to decorate our homes with carpets, curtains, furniture and accessories to make our homes our own, personalised spaces. Our decorations are an expression of our individuality and reflect our personality.

Our windows and doors are furnishings too, even if we don’t see them as such. The window types we choose determine how much light floods our homes.  Our doors can be quaint cottage doors or modern sliding doors for huge openings.  But one thing is certain:  our choice of windows and doors influence the overall look of our home.  Every room will benefit from beautiful windows and doors!

However, looks are not the only thing windows and doors enhance.  They offer multiple functions, such as protection from bad weather outside, allowing air and light into the home.  And, if the correct type of windows and doors are used, they even can reduce outside noise and lower energy usage.

REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors fulfil all the points listed above.  They are energy efficient due to their multi-chambered uPVC frame.  They can also be fitted with two panes of glass to further increase energy savings. When closed, they dampen the noise outside for a quiet and peaceful home.

REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors are more than just frames with glass to fill a wall opening.  They enhance lives and homes!



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