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Window Art: Frosting, Tinting & Artistic Window Creations

Your windows are your connection to the outside world. A source of inspiration and connectivity to nature, fresh air and natural light just beyond your walls. Here we share some ways to revamp, improve and update your windows with Window Art.

Window Art provides a contemporary take on privacy with high-quality vinyl frosting suitable for any windows and doors. High-quality vinyl frosting offers a great compromise between the views you want to enjoy and the areas you want to shield from prying eyes. Enjoy a high-end decorative effect with a 10-year guarantee plus a multitude of benefits from Window Art.

Some of the advantages…

There are many advantages to tinting or frosting your windows, both internally and externally, at home, or at your business. Whether you want to create a striking business environment with dividers, privacy doors or a sleek boardroom look… or you want to improve the appearance of your windows at home, vinyl frosting and tinting can offer many practical and aesthetic qualities.

When it comes to house window tinting, you can help to minimize the harshness of the sun with harmful UV rays from penetrating your home. It can also help to protect your furniture and window treatments from the elements.

At your place of business, you can create custom branding on your doors and windows with a modern new look that will appeal to clients and help you establish a brand.

Decorative frosted windows can also help to cover up unwanted views without totally cutting off the light. It’s a sleek and modern way to enhance your windows. It can offer the privacy you need and add to your overall design style. Window frosting is also a wonderful way to transform an old setting into a new and inviting space.

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