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Window Art: contra vision and frosting

There is such confusion with contra vision and frosting, and with this article, we will try and make it more clear 👀!

Contra Vision is a printable self-adhesive window vinyl that allows for a visible message to be seen on the outside, with the visibility from the inside remaining relatively unchanged. This will enable you to showcase your business numbers or specials and can be changed relatively easily.

Alternatively, window frosting is an adhesive window film that can be applied to smooth glass surfaces to maintain natural light while providing safety, security, and a contemporary decorative look.

 The many benefits of Contra-Vision for your business:

 • PRIVACY and ADVERTISEMENT (different colour)

Contra-vision provides complete privacy from the outside, offering an excellent solution for safety and security AND an option for a uniquely designed pattern.

 • HEAT REDUCTION (different colour)

Reduction in solar heat gain, glare and UV absorption.

 • DURABILITY (different colour)

Contra-Vision is applied to the outside of the windows and offers up to 3 years of durability.

Contra(ry) to popular belief, the application of contra vision to your windows can change the entire face of your business!

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