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5 Luxurious Skylight Roof Design for Your Interior

5 Luxurious Skylight Roof Design for Your Interior

Roof skylights may contain translucent or transparent material. These are windows on the roof in layman’s language. They are essential in adding more natural light to the room during the day. Also, they create an outdoor illusion and, you may feel as if you are under a tree.

Skylight roofs in the bedroom give you the chance to enjoy watching the stars or moving clouds. Skylights also make a room look bigger than it is and, therefore, play a huge role in giving your interior a luxurious look.

There are many skylight options available on the market, and it may be challenging to decide which one perfectly suits your space. A roofing company may educate you and probably display the variety of skylights they have.

Here are five luxurious skylight roof designs for your interior that we have sampled for you:

  1. Fixed Skylight

They are the most popular skylights in many homes. They are permanently fixed and are not useful for ventilation purposes meaning they don’t open and close. These fixed skylights are conventional in low lit areas. The skylight’s frame is usually of steel, timber or aluminum material.

  1. Tubular Skylight

The tubular skylight is the newest baby on the market. They are also known as tube skylights. This type of light is common when space is not enough for a large Skylight. Tubular Skylight tube has a diameter of 10 to 15 inches with a spherical dome cover at the top. The machine tube goes through the roof into the building.

The dome is responsible for collecting light and transferring it to the tube. The mirror-like material in this type of a Skylight ensures that light distributes evenly in the building since the tubular machine provides security against loss of light on the way. This Skylight is perfect for those looking for specific lighting of objects such as aquariums or even living walls.

  1. Ventilated Skylight

Just as the name suggests, this skylight is multipurpose. It is useful as a ventilator for both light and air. These types of windows are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms for easy control of excess moisture and smell. Thus, it prevents mold, wet strains/spots on walls, and musty smells.  Ventilated Skylight ensures the natural flow of fresh air and light.

They are easy to control since you can control them manually, automatically, or even use a remote. It is incredible in its operations, and it can close automatically when the rain starts and many other functions. With this skylight, you will not need to add additional devices such as air conditioners and fans since air circulation is enough.

  1. Dome shape Acrylic Skylight

Dome-shaped skylights contain plastic as their main component, and such plastics must be stable and flexible. The dome shape ensures that light is evenly distributed in the room, unlike direct light penetration. When the sunlight is low, it lights up the place since light doesn’t have to come directly to the skylight for it to provide natural light.

This skylight comes in two layers for insulation and protection purposes. The outside layer is thick and tainted, while the inside layer is thin and transparent. These Acrylic skylights can be useful to enhance the beauty in entrances or provide attractive features to reflecting pools.

  1. Pyramid Skylight

Just as the name suggests, this type of skylight has a pyramid shape. They lie on top of the flat roofs on a square or a rectangular opening.

The combination and relationship between the desired slope and the sides determine the Raptor placement position and the glass and how to be put to use. Chances of leakage are high in this skylight, and therefore you have to put a seal carefully between the glass lens and purlins. Pyramid skylights are mostly preferable for entryways, lobbies, and places with large spaces.

The size of the pyramid skylight depends on your requirements and can be wide up to 20 feet. Your contractor will advise you accordingly, depending on the use.


There are several roof skylights available, and the need for each type depends on your needs and the open space. These skylights provide natural light. Also, some provide air circulation. They offer an aesthetical appearance of your building and reduces the need for artificial lighting.

Skylights ensure temperature balance in the room due to the circulation of fresh air and the emission of unpleasant air and odors, as is the case in ventilation skylights. Customers need to understand these skylights available on the market are different in terms of designs, quality, and of course, prices.

A study by McNicoll and Lewis 1994 identified human comfort as the principal basis for evaluating indoor lighting conditions and needs for skylights. Therefore, knowledge of the designs is crucial before deciding on which type will perfectly suit your needs.






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