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10 Reasons You Need Skylights For Your Home


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A well-lit room is always a more inviting space than a dark room without windows and lights. There’s just something about natural light that boosts the aesthetics and feel of a room. According to some studies, people exposed to sunlight produce more serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for enhancing moods. Consequently, installing a skylight would be a great idea if you want to create a positive vibe in your bedroom. 

Although it’s possible to use lighting fixtures to brighten up your room, it’s always wise to go for a more sustainable approach. Fortunately, skylights boast those characteristics. They are a great addition to your home, whether you utilize them in the attic, bedroom, or living room. Skylights can instantly uplift the ambiance, adding a more dramatic effect to your plain and dull home space.

If you’re still contemplating using skylights at home. Check out these ten reasons to convince you why your home needs one: 

  • Keeps Indoor Ventilated 

Skylights with an opening will help improve your indoor air quality. This can be the most cost-effective ventilation system your home can ever have. Your family can enjoy cleaner and fresher air when you can open the skylight windows conveniently. 

This improves breathability and reduces the chances of mold and mildew growth or other bacteria that could cause illnesses to your children and pets. This home feature is even more crucial currently as more families are spending more time in their homes. In many cases, even industrial and commercial businesses use sun tunnel to improve their ventilation. 

  • Brings In More Natural Light 

Skylights’ ultimate function is to provide more natural light to a bedroom or any living space. By inviting more sunlight to your home, you can enjoy several health benefits. For instance, your family can take advantage of vitamin D from sunlight, which improves your sleep and yields overall productivity. Accordingly, by incorporating a skylight into your home, you can create a healthier home ambiance.

  • Improves Sleep 

A fixed skylight in the bedroom allows you to sleep peacefully under the stars. By being exposed to the natural light emitted during daytime or nighttime, your body can adapt to a natural circadian rhythm which contributes to better sleep and well-being. In addition, you can install any skylight being sold in your location, such as a Velux skylight, to brighten up any room in your home.

  • Provides Privacy 

When you and your family are dependent on windows for natural light, you could be sacrificing your privacy in exchange. Even with tints and curtains or other window treatments, other people can still easily see your family’s activities from the outside. Moving at ease in your home can get uncomfortable when you know there’s a chance of losing privacy when you permanently open your windows. 

Alternatively, it’s wiser to opt for skylights instead. If you install skylights, you’ll be able to take advantage of natural light without worrying about others seeing you. The key is to find the right design and area in your home where the skylight is most suitable to install. 

  • Saves Energy 

Skylights can reduce your energy consumption significantly. Consequently, you no longer need to turn on the light during the daytime since there’s enough sunlight to illuminate your space. This is an environmentally-friendly option to save precious natural resources.  

  • Warms Up Your Room 

Depending on your geographical climate, there might be cooler months when you need to turn on the heater. Fortunately, skylights can provide an inexpensive source of warmth and heat. It can produce solar heat that can significantly reduce your energy bills while keeping your house at an ideal temperature throughout the day.

  • Increases The Illusion Of Space 

Small spaces look more prominent with skylights because natural light can give the illusion of more space. It’s suitable to install a skylight if you have a narrow room or cramped areas like your bathrooms or garages. Moreover, if you’re trying to adopt a rooftop living, it’s a great design idea to make it feel more spacious.  

  • Boosts Home Value 

An apparent reason to invest in a skylight is that it can boost your home value. Your future homebuyer might seal the deal immediately if they realize the countless benefits of a skylight. Most people are willing to pay more if there are additional built-in features, such as a skylight.   

  • Adds Beauty 

The aesthetic value of skylights can also make a significant difference in your home. Having natural light in your room will open it up and make it feel more spacious and inviting. It also mimics the ambiance of those big and expensive mansions you often see in magazines and TV shows. 

  • Comes With Emotional Benefits 

Since skylights allow more sunlight, they can improve your mood and boost positivity. As many people claim that colder months tend to make people feel sadder and depressed, having more sunlight generates the opposite effect. 


Skylights are a powerful design element that you can incorporate into your living space in many ways. For the reasons mentioned above, installing a skylight would be worth the investment. The key is to find the proper placement in your home and hire professionals to install it properly.

Modern retro design in a attic / loft. Small vintage table with a radio on and two reading chairs under two skylights.

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