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Shutters Mar 15, 2021


As people are spending more and more time at home and enjoying the comforts that their homes provide, they are also spending more time thinking about improvements that would impact their day to day living. 

Light and air control are crucial elements when it comes to creating a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. One is able to change the entire feeling of any room by installing shutters in openings that get an abundance of sun and light – and with a simple adjustment of the louvres, one can effortlessly control the sunlight and airflow in a room. Find some inspiration from these five looks using only Plantation Shutters to breathe new life into your home.


An effective and innovative way of improving and adding value to your investment, is to make clever choices that add value to your home. Shutters can define a space and add a classic look and feel all around. During summer and winter, shutters provide protection from the elements, including the sun’s heat and glare, and insulating rooms from the cold in Winter, by providing an extra layer of warmth and protection. Shutters are rigid and will not rattle in the breeze; they provide privacy from the outside world, while still allowing light and airflow in.


Transform outdoor living spaces into plush entertainment areas by enclosing a patio or porch with shutters. Shutters serve a variety of purposes and depending on the material used they are multi-functional in that they provide super-efficient yet aesthetically pleasing security to an outdoor area, they provide privacy, enhance the view and allow you to control light and temperature.  


Shutters are an ideal choice when it comes to a room divider as they are extremely versatile. When closed, the shutters will divide a room or large space, but when open, the stacked shutters look elegant and add an element of style to the room. Timber shutters are often used when a room divider is needed to enclose a space or keep a smaller portion of a large room warm.  They are also often installed to create a small study nook, office, separate an en-suite bathroom from a bedroom or to separate a kitchen from a dining room or scullery, where privacy is required occasionally.


Aluminium security shutters are used as a divider when one needs to secure an area, for example a dressing room with jewellery, a study with confidential documents or the entrance to the sleeping area of the home such as the top of the stairs, which can be locked at night.



Create privacy between your bedroom and bathroom, or high traffic areas, by using shutters as a barrier. Shutters are the ideal application for areas that require occasional privacy, for example, between bedrooms and bathrooms. When folded back, the area benefits from full light and design impact, and when closed, the shutters allow for complete privacy, as required.


Aluminium is well known for being robust – it doesn’t rust, rot or warp. It’s a material that’s especially suited to the South African climate for the way it handles harsh sunlight, rain and damp. It’s also fireproof and virtually maintenance free. If security is required in an opening, consider aluminium security shutters which serve as a window covering as well as security barrier, and will give one peace of mind if a window is left open. They allow for a variety of interesting applications – enclosing of patios, dividers, windows in showers, tiny, wide or very tall openings.


Security shutters also allow for various options. They are used for privacy and light control, ventilation and security. They serve as a very stylish option to secure one’s home, as well as double as a window or door covering so no further curtains or blinds are required.


Shutters are highly customisable to fit in any opening – wide or narrow, tall or short and are suitable for all areas throughout the home.


For over 20 years, Plantation Shutters has been working alongside acclaimed architects, designers and homeowners to create beautiful timber, aluminium and security shutters that add value and elegance to every space. Their products are 100% locally crafted, offering superior-quality custom-designed adjustable louvre window and door shutters and dividers, made using only the finest solid hardwood, engineered timbers and premium aluminium. At Plantation Shutters one will be able to find the perfect solution to suit your needs, your style and your budget.






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