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Shutters Jun 29, 2021

Plantation Shutters: Shut Out The Cold This Winter

Create a cosy home that you can enjoy right through the colder months. Start with the right window treatments to help you keep your interior warm and inviting. Plantation Shutters are not only beautiful  but also functional and an ideal choice through all the seasons.

Here we share some of the benefits of using Plantation Shutters in the home…

Privacy and Light Control

Shutters offer superior functionality. How? Shutter louvres can be opened or completely closed when needed. Subsequently, by adjusting the louvres, Plantation Shutters provide privacy from the outside world while controlling light and airflow in your home. 

Unlike other window treatments that must be fully open to invite more light into a room, shutters are easy to adjust. They give us the best of both worlds – added ventilation without compromising on privacy. As such, shutters are a great option in humid spaces or rooms where added privacy is essential, like a dressing room or bathroom. Simply shut the louvres completely for peace of mind. And then open them up to allow fresh air and light into your space.


Keep the heat indoors

During winter, interiors lose heat at a rapid pace. This can result in cold, uncomfortable rooms. And uncovered windows are some of the biggest culprits

In fact, up to half of a room’s heat can be lost through your windows. As such, it is important to choose the right window coverings to create a cosy space that your family can enjoy all year long.

Plantation Shutters offer a versatile and beautiful solution to keep the cold at bay.  By easily adjusting the louvres, you can completely close your shutters and add an insulative layer against the cold outside. In turn, this will help you reduce energy costs and keep your interior warmer for longer.


Versatile and Trendy

The thing we love most about shutters is that you can create timeless appeal in your home with this versatile window treatment. Whether you’re going for a minimalist,  contemporary or modern look –  shutters work in many different design schemes.


Plantation Shutters are suitable for all areas of the home – kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and enclosing of patios or verandahs. The shutters are perfect for windows and doors of any size or shape (including arches, triangles, portholes, tiny windows, tall or wide and slanted openings), and they are a popular choice as room dividers. Your shutters can be opened or closed completely, making them easy to use according to your personal preference.

Plantation Shutters specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of superior quality, custom-designed adjustable louvre window and door shutters. Their range of shutters include timber, aluminium and security shutters, and all their shutters are designed and manufactured locally in South Africa


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