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Focus Blinds and Shutters

Fact: no one ever expected to be spending this much time at home. Also fact: spending weeks on end between the same four walls tends to change a person’s perspective quite dramatically. So, if you, like so many other people at this very moment, have sat staring at your sun-baked floral curtains or wind damaged lop-sided blinds, we may have just the solutions you need to take immediate and drastic action.


Your search for the ultimate window treatment is over

Winter is upon us and even though we say it every year, it certainly looks as if it might be an exceptionally snappy one this year. Interior shutters are probably one of the most sensible, and not to mention beautiful, choices for our climate. Exquisitely finished, interior shutters protect against wind and cold and against the sun and blazing heat in summer. Guaranteed to last a long, long time, shutters never date and aren’t subject to décor whims or fleeting trends.  Perfect in any space, from the lounge to the bedroom, shutters are elegant and luxurious and provide just the right amount of light or darkness when needed. Installing shutters throughout your home might just be one of the best investments you will ever make and as a bonus, they are guaranteed to add value to your property.

Don’t blame the windows

There is no such thing as a problem window and in fact, no window is too big, too small or too drab for custom, correctly installed blinds to transform it. Our choices are endless and range from understated, elegant roller blinds to aluminium, antique wood, bamboo, bass wood venetian blinds and dramatic vertical blinds. Finishes include such delights as a rich Redwood, a whimsical Tuscan grey, and a breezy washed Oak reminiscent of warm, clear-blue seaside days. Whatever your choice, Focus Blinds and Shutters has the view you have been dreaming about. 

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