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Decorland: Drapes or Shutters

Window treatments has certainly evolved over the years. However, when it comes to what is best in your space, the choice often falls between drapes and shutters. Which will you choose? 



Certainly the more popular option, drapes come in various finishes and sizes. Sheer, blockout, extra-length, taped, eyelet – and the choices can go on and on. Depending on your unique needs, drapes can offer versatility and a cost-effective way to dress a window.


Modern shutters are the contemporary choice in window treatments. Durable and stylish, bold shutters can definitely make a statement while adding to the privacy and security of a room. You’re also not limited by the choices. Modern shutters come in timber or aluminium finishes as well as contemporary ranges of security shutters for extra peace of mind.


One of the main reasons we use window treatments in our homes and offices is light control. We want to be able to embrace natural light when needed and close off the light to create a darker, warmer space when necessary. With shutters, you can easily open, close or tilt your shutters to manage light control. In high-light areas like a living room, kitchen or office, shutters are thus a great option. Simply tilt them open completely and embrace the beauty of natural light. Drapes on the other hand often offer more diffused light in a room. Sheer drapes especially bring a softer, filtered light into your room. Depending on your needs, either option could be the right fit for your space.


In residential spaces, privacy is often a priority. Shutters and drapes work equally well to create privacy in a room. Simply close your shutters or draw your drapes for added privacy. However, when it comes to security, drapes are not the way to go. If you want to add to the security of your space, security shutters offer strength and added protection.

When it comes to maintenance costs for your window treatments, there are a few more considerations. Drapes need to be cleaned regularly and because they are often made from softer fabrics, they do have a shorter lifespan when compared to shutters. Shutters on the other hand are made from a much more durable material – wood or aluminium – which requires very little upkeep.

Whatever your choice, be sure to consider all the pros and cons first.

If you’re looking for a contemporary range of window treatments, Decorland produces quality products for the home. Choose from ready-made and custom blinds, rods, tracks and accessories to beautiful shutters.

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