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10 Things To Remember When It Comes To Plantation Shutters

Any investment should be considered, whether it is your finances, a new car, your children’s schooling, or even the installation of shutters in your home. Who offers the best product and service? Will it deliver the desired result? Will they add value? These are all points that should be carefully considered.

Plantation Shutters; a leading company that excels in the business of adding-value to your home in the form of beautiful and functional plantation-style shutters, ticks all the boxes when it comes to a superior product, outstanding service and excellent value.

Size and Shape

There are many factors to consider when deciding which design of shutter would best complement one’s home. The size and shape of your openings, and the space around them, will dictate the design and configuration of your shutters.  This is where experienced sales consultants come in.  There is so much that can be done with the flexibility of shutters – which way they stack open, how the louvres open (all joined together or split in the middle) that make shutters such a versatile and functional option.

Plantation Shutters add the illusion of space with their clean lines and will be well suited to all types of openings – tall openings, small openings, wide or narrow openings. In fact, shutters can make any opening or an unpleasant opening into quite a statement.

Colour and Finish

Next the colour and finish. The colour palette used in the rooms, and which colour shutter would best complement the décor of one’s home should be considered.  Do you want your shutters to be the focus of the room or should they subtly enhance an already vibrant space? Plantation Shutters offers a wide range of timber, aluminium, and security shutters in a variety of colours from the classic white finishes to rich timber stains. There is a style to suit any décor palette.

Thermal Protection

Once you have chosen the aesthetics of your shutters, one should consider what you would like to achieve from a practical point of view. Is thermal protection a concern? Would you like your shutters to provide insulation in winter and cooling in summer? Shutters are easily adjusted to manipulate air flow allowing for eco-friendly and easily controlled heating or cooling.


Do shutters need to provide privacy from windows overlooking passing traffic, or do they need to act as a room divider in the interior, such as an entrance to a bathroom? Shutters are excellent at forming a barrier where privacy is required. If sound is an issue, timber shutters are an excellent insulator.

Block out lighting

If one needs to block out light to sleep, or perhaps one has a media or work room where computer or TV screens need to be clearly seen, then it’s important to consider that shutters can be adjusted to allow just the right amount of light. This is also key in protecting furniture and valuable paintings that might fade from harsh direct sunlight.


When it comes to any door or window opening, security is often a big factor. Plantation Shutters offers a range of security shutters in 100% recyclable and locally sourced aluminium. These shutters include a thick frame and an advanced locking system and guarantee one peace of mind.


Finally, and most importantly, budget must be considered. How much can one afford to invest on window and door coverings? Installing Plantation Shutters is well worth the investment, as their offering includes a 5-year guarantee on the timber shutters, and a 10-year and 12-year guarantee on the aluminium and security shutters, respectively.

Plantation Shutters offers expert advice when it comes to deciding which shutters would best suit your home and lifestyle.

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