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Window Art: A Complete Guide To Tinting Your Windows

What are the advantages of using tinted glass for the home or office? Is it a worthy investment at your residence or business? We asked the experts from Window Art to share some insider tips with everything you need to know about tinting windows.

What are the main advantages of using tinted glass for the home or office?

Tinting reflects the sun away and is therefore excellent for heat reduction. It slows the transfer of heat and UV rays which fades furniture, carpets, and curtains. Tinting also filters up to 99% of harmful UV rays and reduces glare on monitors that helps lessen eye fatigue. Furthermore, tinting provides one-way day-time privacy.

Is tinting easy to install?

This is not a DIY product and would not be recommended to install by yourself. The tinting can be applied by a trained team such as the team from Window Art.


What different types of tinting do you have on offer?

Window Art specializes in 6 tintings as follows:

Grey 28% Reflective tinting:
-Solar Energy Transmittance 40.7%
-Solar Energy Absorptance 42.9%
-Solar Energy Reflectance 16.4%
-Visible Light Transmittance 25.4%
-Visible Light Reflectance 14.6%
– IR Rejected 47.8%

Metalized Charcoal 35% Reflective Tinting:
-Solar Energy Transmittance 57%
-Solar Energy Absorptance 10.5%
-Solar Energy Reflectance 45.5%
-Visible Light Transmittance 28.1%
-Visible Light Reflectance 9.8%
– IR Rejected 41.4%

Silver 15% Reflective Tinting:
-Solar Energy Transmittance 17.2%
-Solar Energy Absorptance 26.9%
-Solar Energy Reflectance 55.9%
-Visible Light Transmittance 21.2%
-Visible Light Reflectance 54.6%
– IR Rejected 82.7%

Charcoal 15% Non-Reflective Tinting:
-Solar Energy Transmittance 55%
-Solar Energy Absorptance 34.7%
-Solar Energy Reflectance 10.3%
-Visible Light Transmittance 11.9%
-Visible Light Reflectance 8.5%
– IR Rejected 11.9%

Black 05% Non-Reflective Tinting:
-Solar Energy Transmittance 50.01%
-Solar Energy Absorptance 43.79%
-Solar Energy Reflectance 6.2%
-Visible Light Transmittance 3.5%
-Visible Light Reflectance 4.1%
– IR Rejected 12.1%

Silver 15% Exterior Outdoor Tinting:
-Solar Energy Transmittance 16.6%
-Solar Energy Absorptance 38.4%
-Solar Energy Reflectance 45%
-Visible Light Transmittance 21.6%
-Visible Light Reflectance 51%
– IR Rejected 85.4%

Are you restricted to size – does tinting film come in various sizes?

Rolls come in 1.5-meter x 30-meter

What process is used on the glass when one tints them?

We clean the windows prior to the application of the tinting. We use a specially formulated soap and apply the tinting directly on the inside of the window. The tinting does not damage your glass and can be removed by our professionals should you wish to do so at a later stage.

For more visit Window Art.

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