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Window Art: Love is in the Air

The month of LOVE is upon us, and if things weren’t hot enough already with soaring temperatures, sweaty palms and butterflies in our tummies from all the love, then we bring you some unique service offerings from Window Art that will get your heart racing if nothing else does…

Too Hot To Handle:

Window Tinting for your home or office! This option is great for adding protection from harmful UV rays as well as added security and privacy to your space. In fact, it’s all the privacy you need!

Get Your Frost On:

Vinyl Frosting for your home or office is another creative way to maximise your space. This is the ideal choice to help personalise your home or office. It subsequently offers privacy without shutting out light. And it comes with a 10-yeasr guarantee from Window Art!

Contra (ry) to being regular and boring:

Contra-vision offers amazing individualised options for your office space. Not only is it durable as well as easy and inexpensive to remove, but it is also a great alternative form of brand advertising.

So, during the month of February, prepare your homes and offices to keep the sun out, privacy heightened, revamp bland looks so that your sparks are reignited.

Find out more about the latest services from Window Art to revamp your home or office today!

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