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As the seasons change and we settle into cooler evenings and slightly shorter days, we might be spending more time indoors than in the last few months. 🍂🍂

Now would be the perfect time to tint your home windows, giving you all the privacy you need while snuggling up with your loved ones for a well-deserved movie night!

The other benefits of having tinted windows are:


If you’ve ever had to get out of a comfortable chair in your house to close a curtain or blind to watch TV, you will appreciate the value of tinted windows. The tint reduces the amount of light that enters and makes it easier to enjoy technology in your home without shutting the light out completely.


With tinted windows, up to 95% of harmful UV rays are blocked out of your home!

The cooler sun doesn’t bring with it less harmful rays …

This can give you added peace of mind to protect yourself and your family. With tinted windows, you can still enjoy the natural light that fills your home, but you don’t have to worry about what else you’re letting in at the same time.


Tinted windows can also help to deter thefts. If a thief can’t look into your home to see what you have, they are less likely to break in. So it essentially reduces the temptation.

Snuggle up and enjoy the cooler 🍂 months in your home away from harmful ☀️ rays and prying eyes!

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