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Froston: tinted or frosted window

The final frosting on top of a great design, tinted or frosted window can help take a design from purely beautiful to highly functional as it offers multiple benefits.

“The decision to frost or tint your windows depends on your personal preferences and specific needs,” explains Froston, a local expert in window frosting and tinting.

“Consider assessing your specific needs and preferences in terms of privacy, glare reduction, UV protection, energy efficiency and aesthetics.”

“If you desire increased privacy in your home or office, frosting or tinting your windows can help prevent outsiders from seeing inside while still allowing natural light to enter,” explains Froston, adding that tinting or frosting windows is a great option for bathrooms and front doors.

“Tinting windows can also minimise glare from sunlight or artificial lighting, making it more comfortable for you to work, watch TV or use electronic devices without straining your eyes.

“In addition, both window frosting and tinting can block a significant amount of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering your space. UV rays can fade furniture, flooring and artwork, as well as pose potential health risks to occupants.

“Tinted windows can help regulate the temperature inside your home by reducing the amount of heat that enters, especially during hot summer months. This can potentially lower your cooling costs.”

Of course, frosted windows can also enhance the appearance of your property, adding a contemporary touch to buildings.

Best of all, with Froston, there is no need to replace any of your existing glass to enjoy all the benefits of frosted glass. “ove or replace any of your existing glass. We simply apply a frosted window film right on top of the glass that’s already in place that will look just like it’s part of the glass itself,” explains the company.

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