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Best-Selling Decorative Solutions by Window Art

Why settle for plain windows when you can add personality to your space? Look no further than the latest best-selling decorative solutions from Window Art. Now you can transform your windows and add some flair to your home. 

The latest best-selling decorative solutions from Window Art include window tinting and window frosting for various occasions. It’s all about bringing a client’s vision to life by enhancing their space, from branding purposes to accented custom pieces to liven up any blank window or glass panel.

Window Art guarantees absolute satisfaction with tints that give you daytime privacy for security and peace of mind, regulate the South African heat, and reduce the harsh UV glare. You can now turn any space into a more private and professional environment with the peace of mind that they have a five- to seven-year guarantee on their tinted glass panels.


A recent design showcases a client’s love for home improvement by extenuating their blank patio space, thereby enhancing their glass doors with their selected Charcoal 15% tint. This client upgraded their space to protect their privacy and also their furniture, as a tinted space greatly reduces sun-damaged furniture, which secures the aesthetic and their possessions.

Tinting choices are available in various colour options and are ideal for businesses that want to reduce monitor glare to lessen eye fatigue or for any homeowner who wants to elevate their space and ensure security behind their daytime one-way screens. The idea starts with you; the process is taken care of by an expert team, and your satisfaction is the outcome.

Window Art makes it easy to get a quote and will assist in having your selected tinting installed professionally. The 3-Easy Steps include contacting the office to book a free on-site quotation appointment for your space, receiving your design representation and quotation with all the necessary details for approval, and lastly, the scheduled installation of your preferred tinting in the place you’ve always felt needed some change.

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