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Find your perfect trim with Castellano Beltrame.

Few people would ever imagine that the perfect finishing touch for their room would be found in the often-overlooked Eastern Cape in South Africa. Yet, it is exactly here where the Beltrame family set up shop 45 years ago.

 Today, the factory still produces a wide assortment of the highest quality passementerie, fusing innovation and local creativity to create stylish items that are in line with the trends in furnishing fabrics, textures and colours.

 Castellano Beltrame’s range of products includes single and double tiebacks, rope tiebacks, key tassels and chair ties. They also manufacture furniture trimmings such as bullions, braids, borders, gimps, tassel fringes, rouches, cut fringes, cords and lip cords.

 All of these statement pieces are created by local women who employ centuries-old skills to plait, twist and weave materials by hand to create the most beautiful and unique decor accents.

 Like tiny pieces of furniture jewellery, these elaborate trimmings and edgings are used to decorate and finish off items such as curtains, cushions and upholstered furniture pieces, and are available in a wide range of styles and colours. 

 Castellano Beltrame currently has eight passementerie collections available, each offering a bespoke selection of items. There’s the Aquilla range inspired by classical motifs, the Simple Colour Schemes range which consists of several items in assorted hues, from neutrals to dusty pinks and vibrant blues and the fun Amigo range with its assortment of pom-pom and tassel fringes, and the elaborate Anthropology range. Not to mention their collections of modern borders and braids, bullion fringes, gimps and tiebacks.



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