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Adorning Castellano Beltrame


Dating back to ancient Egypt and Rome, tassels have a long, rich history of adorning everything from garments and blankets to rugs, carriages, chandeliers, canopies, draperies and pillows.

What started as a simple knot has evolved into an intricate decorative detail over the decades and is now available in a wide range of colours, materials and designs.

Today, tassels are enjoying popularity once again as a fun, colourful addition to clothing, decor accessories and even jewellery.

Locally, Eastern Cape-based Castellano Beltrame fashions a number of beautiful handmade tassels.

As the company notes: “Our designers and craftsmen employ skills handed down through the generations using the finest materials selected from the world. The result is a distinctive collection of passementerie and beautiful accessories, crafted with care and to express the love for this ancient form of art, where tassels were created simply for the enjoyment, throughout the centuries in all cultures.”

Their passementerie range includes all manner of tassels, as well as tiebacks, tassel fringes, braids, cords, bullions, ruches and rosettes.

Our favourite tassels for the season include:

Aquilla Collection Round Petite Tassel Fringe

This small tassel fringe is the perfect finishing touch for a lampshade and comes in 10 colourways.

Amigo Collection Bead Tassel Fringe

Fun and colourful, these tassels are great for adding extra interest to throw pillows.

Amigo Collection Onion Tassel Fringe

The unique shape of these multicoloured tassels makes them ideal for finishing off curtains, bedspreads or soft furnishings.

Anthropology Trim

The sophisticated hues and classic design of the Anthropology Trim collection with tassels make it a great choice for curtains and upholstery.

Cigar Bar

The tassels in the Cigar Bar range are highly decorative and ideal for use as curtain tiebacks or as key tassels.




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