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Decorland: Your Guide To Venetian & Roller Blinds

Let the light shine in! In interior design, natural light is a sort after element in any space. When it comes to window treatments, we’re always looking to achieve the right balance. Blinds are a great, functional treatment to help achieve this balance of light, privacy and warmth.


Which is the right option for your window? We bring you everything you need to know about Venetian and Roller blinds…

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have been around for a very long time and have their origin in the mid 1700’s. They were a game-changer in terms of window treatments in that era and offered the right balance of light control and durability for both residential and commercial spaces.

Today, Venetian Blinds are still a very popular option. Not only are they hard-wearing, but with their little twisting mechanisms, they allow you to take back control of your room. Simply twist them to shut out the cold and light. Another twist in the opposite direction will allow for natural light to come through, at your will.

Part of the appeal of Venetian blinds lies in their versatility. Commonly, these blinds are made in wood, which makes for a beautiful and durable window treatment. However, your choice is not limited to wood alone. In fact, many beautiful options include aluminium and PVC. These are truly great in high humidity rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.

Blinds are ever evolving and companies like Decorland remain on the cutting edge of the innovation. Their latest addition is the Durawood Venetian blind. These beautiful and contemporary blinds are made of eco-friendly materials. They are very much on-trend and available in a range of sizes in the most popular colour – Mahogany. They are premium but affordable.

Roller Blinds

Unlike Venetian Blinds which are made up of individual parts, Roller Blinds are typically made from one piece of material and can be rolled up to open. Hence the name ‘roller’ blind as you usually pull the blind from a cord to roll it up completely.

Over the years, Roller Blinds seem to have lost their appeal, but luckily, many modern fabric options are available. This means we have great variety and choice in the look of our Roller Blinds. In fact, we love the sleek, modern look of a neutral Roller Blind – a subtle addition to a contemporary space.

Roller Blinds are also presently on-trend and can make a statement in your room or tie into the overall colour scheme. These can furthermore assist in controlling light and temperature in the home.

Decorland has a wide range of solutions for all budgets and needs. In fact, they have the widest range of Ready Made Roller Blinds in the market as well as a full custom-made range. They also offer automated Roller Blind solutions as well!

For more visit Decorland.

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