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Women in Design: Meet Elizma Buys From Luxaflex

Today’s featured woman in design is the General  Manager of Luxaflex South Africa, Elizma Buys. We’ve asked Elizma to share some of the latest window treatment trends and what we can expect from Luxaflex in the months ahead.

Inspiration often comes from different places and experiences. What most inspires you?

People from all walks of life inspire me. I love watching people, looking at their facial expressions and their gestures, trying to read their minds, always wondering what paths they chose to lead them to where they are today, and most importantly, how I can be of service to them.

What is your background, and how did you get into working in the world of blinds?

I have always been discreetly involved in sales and loved it, but I never really thought of myself as a salesperson. I was offered a position at one of our Luxaflex® Galleries as a Bookkeeper and Office Manager, which I loved. Slowly but surely, I dipped my toes into sales again and realised that THIS is my passion – selling; Needless to say, I made a bold career move to become a full-time lead Sales Representative and loved it!

What does Luxaflex® have planned for new creative window fashions for 2021?

We firmly believe in continuously improving and constantly finding ways to benefit our customers, dealers and employees. We continually seek out, test, and develop new ideas and concepts to enable Hunter Douglas to serve and grow markets. At our specialised R&D centres in the United States, The Netherlands, Germany and Asia, our engineers and designers work tirelessly to develop and test new products. Our top priorities are the comfort and safety of the end-users and our products’ design, functionality, reliability, and durability.

Is Hunter Douglas the company behind the Luxaflex® brand?

Yes, Hunter Douglas started more than 60 years ago. Joe Hunter joined forces with Henry Sonnenberg; together, they pioneered a unique, continuous casting and integrated manufacturing process to produce light-weight aluminium strips, leading to the production of Venetian Blinds. Today consumers can find Hunter Douglas products all over the globe.

What is the most popular window treatment for the South African climate?

Currently, Roller Blinds & Duette blinds are the favourites in the South African market. They are popular for being functional, cost-effective, practical and minimalistic. I also see a rise in demand for the Luxaflex® Shutters which compliment any décor style.

Tell us more about the collection you carry – what makes it different to the competition?

Our legacy is what makes us stand out. What makes us truly different is the creation of entirely new, award-winning categories of window coverings and features, including:

*the first-ever aluminium Venetian Blinds, Duette® Shades and Silhouette® Shades;

*the world’s most innovative hardware and lifting systems, such as our superior EOS® hardware and LiteRise® and SmartCord® operating systems;

*and that our products are among the industry’s most energy-efficient window blinds. Our Duette® Shades reduce heat loss through the window by up to 60%.

Are Luxaflex® blinds environmentally friendly and child-safe?

Absolutely! Since our founding, we have continued our history of innovating new and proprietary window coverings that add distinctive beauty and style while also providing solutions to everyday practical needs such as insulation, daylighting, child safety and sound absorption. Estimates suggest that 9 million tons of plastic waste dumps into the world’s oceans every year and becomes floating hazards killing our sea animals. Hunter Douglas is proud to be part of a program that has already reclaimed over 30 tons of plastic waste washed ashore. What’s more, we’ve put it to good use by partnering with a mission driven material engineering company to fabricate a yarn made from recovered coastal and marine plastic.

Roller Blinds or Duette® Shades, which are better?

It is not a question of which one is better, but rather which one offers the best solution to a specific window covering need. My personal choice goes to Luxaflex® Duette® Shades. They are very versatile, can be made in different shapes, can be made as a sloping blind too and you have the option of manual or motorised operation. They are great at providing insulation, are very user friendly and minimalistic, can fit into a small reveal depth, are very low on maintenance, can be used inland OR in coastal areas, the list goes on and on.

Where can I purchase new Luxaflex® window coverings?

We have Luxaflex® Galleries all around South Africa. You can go to our website (www.luxaflex.co.za) and click on the ‘Find a showroom’ tab, and voila!

Why choose Luxaflex® blinds?

If you want a blind that tells a story, lasts longer than you expected, and was manufactured by an ever-evolving, world-leading company… then why not Luxaflex®?

Your favourite place to unwind in Africa?

Our farm near Tzaneen, Limpopo. It is truly a little piece of heaven.

Your favourite restaurant?

This is a dangerous question… I love eating out and have two ultimate favourites that make me feel special when I don’t have to cook. Seeing that I live in Pretoria, my number one favourite restaurant is Prosopa restaurant in Waterkloof Heights. It has a unique ambience, and I think even if they only offered sandwiches, it would still make you feel like you are eating so much more. My other favourite restaurant is Buffelsfontein Beesboerdery located in the Greenlyn Village Centre. Two completely different restaurants, but both have excellent attention to detail, great service and their food and presentation are beyond comparison.

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