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Real Homes, Real Solutions with Luxaflex

When it comes to modern homes, we’ve seen it all. We asked our good friends from Luxaflex to troubleshoot some interior problems – bringing us real homes and real solutions you can try at home.

My new build home has PVC Windows. I love the energy efficiency but they don’t work with my vintage furniture at all. How can I cover them without just keeping the curtains closed all day?

For a lover of period style, PVC windows can jar with the rest of your design. But don’t lose hope; classic shutters can hide the plastic frames and enhance the vintage look of your overall scheme. Ensure the shutter frames, that hold the slats, cover the depth of the PVC frame for a seamless look. Moreover, check that they open fully for cleaning purposes. Shutters will also help keep your bedroom quieter, as they can block up to 40% of outside noise. Dream bedroom.

I have a period window in my new wet room. I don’t want a modern-looking window covering, but I do want some privacy.

Wood blinds can be styled to look super modern or wonderfully old fashioned; it’s how you use them that counts. And best of all Luxaflex® creates a Form Wood range that brings the beauty of the look of wood but the durability of man-made materials. This way you can use something stylistically on point but also fit for purpose. By recessing the blind slightly into the frame, you also draw the eye to its period details.

We want a pretty, but not too girly, nursery for our new daughter. We want to avoid childish pattered roller blinds or blackout as we already have very low light levels.

When planning a bedroom that can grow with your child while retaining cosiness, colour is key. You can avoid saccharine baby pinks by using pops of bright shades, such as hot pink contrasted with a vintage floral. Luxaflex’s child safe Duette® blind will soften daylight for a mid-afternoon nap without making it too dark. Folded structure with an almost origami-feel makes it feel even more modern and will still be relevant when she hits her teen years.

Our attic bedroom lacks character and also light. Any ideas?

Windows in attic rooms can often be quite small so the key here is to allow as much light in as possible, whilst also offering great coverage for a good night’s sleep. If your room is quite plain, window coverings can be a great place to add some interest. The woven bands in these Twist® Blinds bring variation in texture and tone. This means you can keep the design relatively neutral without being boring. Silhouette® Shades are also great for bedrooms as the vanes can be adjusted to let in lots of light whilst still providing privacy. Ideal for a sneaky afternoon sojourn.

Luxaflex offers practical solutions for our everyday spaces. Visit www.luxaflex.co.za to find out more.

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