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Kathleen’s Home Designs: Curtains – Ready Made or Custom?

Your windows are your connection to the world. Windows are therefore a central feature in any room, no matter the size and shape. So how we go about dressing our windows plays an important role in what we want to achieve in a room. Here we have a look at curtains and ask the question – which is best…ready-made or custom?

In many instances, custom-designs offer flexibility and choice. This option gives freedom of choice in creating something bespoke to perfectly fit your home. If you have the time and budget, then custom-designed curtains can be the way to go. However, for many homeowners looking for a quick and cost-effective solution, ready-made curtains may offer just what you need.

So how will you choose?

If you’re after a quick, convenient and affordable option to transform a room in a couple of hours, ready-made curtains are a safe bet. With so much variety on the market today, you will be able to find something you like.

Kathleen’s Home Designs manufacture and design a range of high-quality readymade curtains, tiebacks, tassels and fringes. These products and services are designed to offer customers a premium curtain and decorating solution right out of the box at affordable prices.

Custom made curtains, on the other hand, will most probably take more time as you select the right fabrics and measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your windows.

Is it possible to get a custom look on a ready-made budget?

A few years ago, the answer would have been a straightforward no. But with so many great options available today, greater variety means better options at great prices. Whether you’re looking for something sheer or block-out, you can shop ready-made and expect great results.

Kathleen’s Top Curtain Choices…

At Kathleen’s Home Designs you will find an exclusive range of ready-made curtains. Some of our favourites include:

The Misha Curtain – an 80% blackout curtain range that attenuates between 75%-85% of light and UV rays from entering the room. The darker the fabric, the higher the attenuation. The curtain being a heavier weight material provides an ample noise-reducing effect on spaces as it dampens the reflective nature of the space it is in.

Shernice Sheer Curtain – These beautiful textured sheer curtains will liven up your indoor or outdoor spaces with a sense of airiness and beauty. Bring elegance and class to any room with light filtering textured sheer curtains.

The Cora Curtain – offers 100% blackout and attenuates between 85%-99% of light and UV rays from entering the room. Perfect for controlling the ambience of the room this blackout curtain also adequately balances room temperatures. It does so by insulating against the summer heat and winter chill, ultimately helping you save money on heating and cooling your home. Cora can also be used as a blockout behind the sheer or on its own as a curtain.

The Rustico Curtain – another 100% blockout solution. Through the nature of light-reduction in your home these curtains will aid toward protecting your furniture, floors, and artwork from the ravages of the sun. Over time these drapes will pay for themselves.

Shop the ready-made collection online and click this link: Kathleen’s Home Designs.

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