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Focus on Blinds and Shutters

While the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on many things, it has brought with it a new global focus on ethical sourcing, heirloom craftmanship, and local produce and products. This essentially means that the world is moving away from cheap, mass produced items and towards well-made products, trustworthy, and in our case, proudly South African manufacturers who able to deliver exceptional quality.

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In light of this, many consumers are abandoning quick solutions, like switching to reusable straws and market bags, and investing in items made to last. Unsurprisingly this trend is spilling over into home décor – with the introduction of metal, wood and other natural finishes, and neutral colour palettes sourced from local companies like Focus Blinds & Shutters.

There is no better way to introduce warmth and texture into your home décor than by introducing new window treatments such as antique venetian blinds. For a fresh, but warm feel, pair colours like African Mahogany, Black Forest or English Fir with white walls – or introduce a splash of drama with Stone or Tuscan grey blinds. 

If fabric is more your liking, then perhaps roller blind is the answer. Everyone understands a simple roller blindbecause of the classic design but many people are unaware of the versatility these blinds offer. From block-out fabrics, to sheers that provide just the right amount of daytime privacy, the Focus roller blind range is packed with fabrics guaranteed to impact your home. As a bonus, roller blinds can be combined with other blind types or curtains for a layered style. Roller blinds are ideal where space is at a premium and the compact design means it takes up minimal room when pulled down. When a roller blind is fully opened, it allows a clear view of the outside world.

Whatever your interior décor dreams and aspirations, remember the focus is on local and on quality, ethical craftmanship.

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