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Finishing Touches: 6 Reasons To Install Blinds

Is your home in dire need of a makeover? Why not start with your window treatments and give your home a fresh new look with contemporary Venetian blinds. Here are 10 reasons we love blinds in a modern space.

Versatile – in colour and style

Modern venetian blinds come in various styles, materials and colour options. In fact, you can even have your blinds custom created to suit a special window shape and size. Venetian blind options come in aluminium, Plaswood, PVC  and wood and you can select the choice that is right for your room.


Venetian Blinds offer wonderful privacy solutions, especially when your window is near a busy street or in plain sight of the neighbours. Simply shift those Slats to create a private space that you can enjoy. And when you’re ready for those street views once again, open them up completely and embrace the sunshine.


Light Control

As summer approaches, the right window treatments can certainly help to control light and airflow in your space. Welcome early morning sun into a bedroom, for example, by opening up your blinds completely and taking in the warmth and natural light. Tilt your blinds accordingly to control the light in your space as needed.


Venetian Blinds are typically more durable than many other window treatments such as drapes or fabric coverings. In fact, blinds offer a sense of firmness, sturdiness, and robustness which make them a great option for high-traffic rooms or family spaces. Furthermore, aluminum blinds are great for long-term use since they are made from durable aluminum for maximum strength.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike curtains and fabrics that may attract dust and stains, blinds are quite easy to maintain. If you have wood or aluminium varieties, you can simply wipe them down to maintain their good looks. Unlike curtains, you won’t need to uninstall them seasonally to wash.


Your blinds can actually keep your windows insulated far better than drapes. As long as the slats are closed, cold air will generally be kept out. You can also create a well-rounded look with even better insulation if you layer your window treatments and include blinds and curtains.

Decorating your windows is fun, almost like creating works of art, and every room in your home can benefit from boasting beautiful windows. At Finishing Touches you will find something for everyone and every style. Choose decorative curtain rods, finials, tie backs, blinds and curtains from an extensive readymade collection, or have a specialist assist you with made to measure products.

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