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Blind Time Window Innovations: Time Unveils The Cellular Blind

If you’re in search of a quality window dressing that will also add to the overall style of your home, have we got good news for you. Blind Time Window Innovations has just launched a new offering to their extensive range. The Cellular Blind is a beautifully functional item that will keep your home feeling insulated, fresh and modern all year-round.

The unique features of this blind relate to the unique fabric design.  It is composed of 100% Polyester, which is heat-pressed for a smooth finish.  A series of honeycomb-shaped cells are fused together to form the blankets of fabric from which the blinds are made.

When the blind is opened, air fills these cells providing the same benefits as double glazed windows.  Not only does this insulate against heat and cold, but also assists in muffling sharp noise.  And the smooth surface means it will not accumulate excessive dust.

Available in two different fabric types, namely Halo, which offers a soft diffusion of light, as well as Luna, which has a foil lining to produce a complete light block, these blinds are not only highly attractive but very functional as well.

The Cellular blind offers the smallest gap at the sides, as well as the closest fit top and bottom.  This makes it highly suitable for curved or bay windows.  Coupled with this feature is the ability to use this blind on a sloped or horizontal plane, making it eminently suitable for skylights.  The tension wires running through the centre of the fabric prevent sagging but also enables the blind to work upside down or side to side.

And then there’s the Perfect Fit….an absolutely new and revolutionary product in the South African market.  The blind is pre-fitted to a frame and is fitted with no need for screws and drills.   The frame either clips into most PVS or Aluminum window and door frames, or can be attached using a magnetic strip.   This is the perfect solution for tilt windows, inward opening doors, sash windows and so much more.   And, combined with the use of the Luna block out fabric, offers the best total block out solution on the market.

For more information on this revolutionary product, view the video here – visit the website

Blind Time Window Innovations or speak to a Professional Advisor on 011 434 1075.



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