Spotlight: Metallica Steel Innovators

Metal often forms the backbone of interior design. Whether in your wrought iron balustrades, staircases, gates, fences or even light fittings, quality metals are durable and make for stunning features within home design. Metallica Steel Innovators remain on trend with their assortment of metal offerings to elevate interior and exterior spaces.

Metallica Steel Innovators design, fabricate and install the finest quality balustrades, driveway gates, pedestrian gates, staircases and fences to suit a variety of tastes. The possibilities are endless and designs can be customised to suit your needs. From wall art to burglar bars and garden furniture, if it is made from quality steel and is needed in the home, Metallica Steel Innovators should be your first port of call. Since 1994 they have completed thousands of projects and they take great pride in creating custom wrought iron features that reflect the highest level of attention to detail in workmanship and design. Each design is like an intricate artwork, carefully crafted for the individual and to suit the intended space and purpose. Your balustrades, light fittings and even wine cellar doors may be personalised with a stunning feature metal design. Let these otherwise simple architectural details take centre stage as focal points in and around your home. All the designs from Metallica Steel Innovators can be utilized for commercial or residential applications and can be modified to meet your exact specifications. Their representatives are available to work with you, your architect, builder, contractor or designer to gather technical information and assist in developing your personal design ideas. Each wrought iron piece is individually primed before assembly onto the gates, balustrades, staircases, light fittings and fences for added protection and beauty.

For an array of versatile and beautiful wrought iron solutions for your home, be sure to visit Metallica Steel Innovators for more information and an array of customisable options to suit your needs.



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