Whisk Us Away on A Lavish Beach Getaway

Summer is here! Can you feel it! We’re dreaming about a magnificent beach getaway on an exotic island where we can completely unwind and soak up the sunshine. And where better than the gorgeous Greek island of Mykonos! When you see today’s featured home, you’ll soon be dreaming up your own Mykonos vacation!

Today we are featuring this beautiful stone house – Scorpios Mykonos – which is a celebration of traditional craftsmanship, organic materials and a bohemian style interior design, presenting a tactile laid-back luxury atmosphere. It’s the perfect place in which to find tranquility and enjoy the peaceful bliss of ocean life.

This home oozes beach house style and sophistication – in neutral tones and natural finishes that give each room an earthy, connected-to-nature vibe that we simply love. Look at the number of windows that add natural light and a welcoming ambience to this home!

Gorgeous interior arches set the architecture apart in this interesting home. A dialogue between unobtrusively sensual décor and organic beauty continues throughout this residence, resulting in an undeniable lightness, and warmth.

With immaculate sea views, this is island life at its best. Here you can enjoy the beauty of indoor and outdoor living, flowing from the natural interior styled in organic materials, to the exterior where the deep blue beckons us closer!

An emphasis on simplicity and the essential, together with celebrating traditional craftsmanship and local Greek culture, are the guiding principles behind both the design and hospitality. Mixing minimalism with rich textures and handcrafted details, nothing is overbearing but just right.

What do you want most from an exotic beach getaway? Rest and relaxation in a space that is unashamedly connected to the nature and provides a carefree space to unwind! You can’t get any better than this spectacular ocean-side property.

Images via Pinterest and Seen on Behance



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