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Feb 12, 2017

Strolling the Streets of Frankfurt

It’s absolutely freezing in Frankfurt at the moment, quite the change from sunny South Africa. There is nothing like a stroll through the cobblestone streets to capture the essence of a city and warm up the limbs. I’d love to share some of my favourite places and the memories I have made here. 


The Römerberg – Frankfurt’s Old Town Center

The best part of my yearly trip to Ambiente is people-watching and there is no better place to do this than The Römerberg – Frankfurt’s Old Town Center. Set against a beautiful skyline of century-old buildings, you are able to see people from every corner of the globe in one place. This cosmopolitan space is great for shopping and of course, to admire the unique architectural heritage. Despite the weather, the Square is filled with fellow Ambiente Fair-goers. This is a great place to network and find out what is hot and happening over the world.


Goethe House and Museum

Arguably one the best historial attractions in Frankfurt is the Goethe House- and for good reason. This famous writer’s family home is filled with grandeur and is an interesting look at the decor and design of the time. There is also an intriguing art gallery (art is another passion of mine), spanning the Late Baroque and Romantic period- a veritable feast for the eyes as you transport yourself into the life and times of this famous writer.


Art City: The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art

I truly believe that Art City is one of the most important and influential galleries of modern art in the world. To be honest, I get much of my inspiration and ideas from this impressive gallery. Filled to the brim with sculptures, ceramics, furniture and many other applied artworks, I love the fusion of European and Asian influences. Definitely a must-see in Frankfurt and I am lucky enough to go every year. This is certainly a treat for me.


St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

This impressive and very tall, red sandstone Roman Catholic Cathedral is an example of history frozen in time. I absolutely love the design of this landmark building. The intricacy and detail is mesmerizing and rumour has it there is an ancient relic here- the skullcap of Saint Bartholomew no less! The Gothic style of this building is so impressive with ribbed vaults, clustered columns and pointed traverse arches. All-in-all, I love Frankfurt and all it has to offer. Follow #MarciaEmbracesAmbiente to see what is happening at one of the world’s biggest trade fairs.

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