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Training Apr 13, 2024

Potchefstroom Academy: Start Your Career In Interior Design

An Interior Design qualification from Potchefstroom Academy is ideal for independent and innovative thinkers. Are you bold and brave enough to create new and original spaces? Then this could be where your future career is.

Interior Designers use their understanding of human behaviour and workings to create functional spaces to promote the user’s physical and mental well-being.

The Diploma in Interior Design is a three-year full-time qualification. You must know that it is not ‘Pillow fluffing 101’ or something to do in a gap year. To succeed, this qualification requires hard work and dedication

As an interior designer, you require the innate ability to be creative, enjoy solving problems and to visualize spaces three-dimensionally, whilst addressing the client’s needs. The scope of the interior design qualification at Potchefstroom Academy includes residential, corporate, commercial and hospitality interiors, as well as people’s well-being in public spaces. You will learn how to create detailed layouts of structural and non-structural building systems, interior finishing materials, understanding acoustics, cabinetry, and bespoke furniture design.


All you need to apply is your Matric certificate and loads of motivation and passion. At Potchefstroom Academy you will learn how to use the preferred software such as Autodesk design software and Adobe Suite software for presentation purposes. Interior Designers work in close relation to Architects, in attending to the ergonomic and aesthetical application of interior volumes within a built environment.

Career opportunities

With this qualification you can pursue multiple fields such as: residential-, corporate-, commercial-, medical-, hospitality, cultural or global design and sustainable building or universal design as specialist design niches, as well as stage set design for television productions.

Some of the study content to look forward to are Design Theory, Interior Design in Practice, Building Science Theory, Technical Documentation and Specification, Design Communication, Visual Presentation and Fundamentals of Business Management.

Contact: Potchefstroom Academy.

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