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Poolside Paving

Summer is upon us, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to cool off after a sizzling hot South African day in your backyard swimming pool, we envy you. With the sweltering season in full swing, now is the perfect time to revamp your poolside paving and invite the neighbours over for a pool party.

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Corobrik clay brick and concrete pavers combine both beauty and practicality offering an extensive palette of colours and textures to suit all tastes and lifestyles while functioning as a durable, porous material that withstands weathering and provides a safe, non-slip poolside surface.


This picturesque poolside is paved with dark grey concrete pavers – an excellent colour choice as it doesn’t easily show dirt. A wise decision for a family home where the poolside is a high traffic area with children and dogs jumping in and out with muddy feet. Bear in mind that a darker colour also retains heat – something you should consider if your pool is in full shade. Shop the look from Corobrik in Corocobble Charcoal.

For a pool that gets full sun, we recommend a lighter coloured paver much like the poolside paving depicted below. A similar colour choice would be Corobrik’s concrete paver in Corocobble Natural Grey which resists heat well.


If a heat resistant or heat-retaining surface is not a concern for you and you’re simply looking for a rich colour to complement the green foliage of your back garden, why not consider vibrant red clay brick pavers such as the ones depicted below? We recommend using Corobrik’s De Hoop Red Paver to recreate this look.


Water, chemicals, sun, and salt are all factors that contribute to the damage of a poolside surface. Clay brick and concrete pavers are designed to resist these factors. Poured concrete and wooden decking are prone to cracking, splitting and shifting with age, but pavers are manufactured to withstand weathering. No matter which colour or texture you prefer, Corobrik has a wide range of clay brick and concrete pavers in an array of colours and textures to suit your personal preference and provide the perfect poolside surface.







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