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Dive into Summer with Corobrik

Dive Into Summer With Corobrik Clay Pool Pavers

Image courtesy of Rikki Snyder

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to decide whether or not to install a pool. But before you weigh up the pros and cons, it’s important to make sure that you’ve considered every factor that goes into choosing a pool, including which pavers to get as well as the added value that they can bring to your home.

Although there are many paving options available, clay pool pavers are perhaps one of the most popular choices due to their long lifespan, colour-fastness, low-maintenance, resistance to weathering and non-slip surface. Not to mention, their attractive appearance and ability to enhance your outdoor entertainment area.

With the above-mentioned benefits in mind, we’d highly recommend that first time pool owners install Corobrik clay pavers. Take a look at some of their products below to get an idea of what their pavers can bring to your pool design.

Corobrik’s Top 3 Clay Pool Pavers

Cederberg Paver

Corobrik’s Cederberg pavers exhibit a rich biscuit colour which incorporates reduction and flash marks to add an element of visual interest. This paver is well suited to pools because the light Cederberg colour absorbs less heat, making it more comfortable for bare feet.

Champagne Pavers

Clay pool pavers couldn’t look more luxurious in the lovely yellow undertone of Champagne. Homeowners who want to achieve a clean, classic and sophisticated look would do well to choose a paver like this with more consistency in its colour.

Nutmeg Pavers

Nutmeg pavers are ideal for high traffic areas like pools, as their earthy blend of brown and red acts as an excellent mask for dirt and stains. They also work wonderfully with Cederberg pavers – especially in designs that favour eye-catching patterns and high contrast.

Visit www.corobrik.co.za to see more clay pool pavers and be sure to pop in at your nearest Corobrik centre to speak to a consultant for in-depth product information and expert installation advice.

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