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Complete Your Designer Home With Pool Cover Pro

You are planning the Designer Home of the year!! You and the design team have worked so hard on getting the feel just perfect. But you are now in a bind, you have to keep the pool child safe and eco-friendly. You have a couple of options…

  1. Put a fence around your pool (there are some nice options on the market) but yes kids can still open a gate or get over it. And you definitely do not want to take away from the design.
  2. Incorporate an automated pool cover into the design of your pool and enhance the design of your pool area.

What are the advantages of a Pool Cover?


Automatic Pool Covers isolate the inviting pool water from the deck and surroundings. The water cannot be seen or reached by your highly inquisitive children or pets. Safety of your loved ones is a priority.


Evaporation of water and chemicals is a major factor on your monthly costs. By covering your pool with a pool cover the evaporation is cut by 90%. If you have a pool heater your heating pump will work 70% less after covering your pool.

Did you know that an average swimming pool can evaporate up to 95,000l of water per year?

Convert all these savings to Rand and you will find that your cover is paid off in 2-3 years.

We haven’t even mentioned the amount of time you’ll spend by not having to clean your pool. This is precious time you could rather be spending with your family and enjoying the pool too.


You and your Design team have taken the time to design the perfect pool to fit in with the perfect house.

That is why a professional pool cover system is a must. Pool Cover Pro offer cover systems designed to enhance the style of your pool and your stunning house.

The design of these systems will not distract from the look and feel of your house.

Visit the Cover section on their website and see for yourself how stunning an Automated Pool Cover can be.

For more visit Pool Cover Pro.

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