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Revelstone: How To Create A Garden Path or Walkway

Your garden should be an extension of your home and a place where you can enjoy life outdoors with your loved ones. Create a beautiful outdoor space with a garden path or walkway. Here we show you how to create the perfect garden path, with thanks to the team from Revelstone.

A stone walkway is a sure way to add charm to your outdoor space at home. Whether you are using individual stones, pavers or even cobble, the end result will be a worthy addition to your yard and a place that leads to your garden.

So, where do you even begin?

You can achieve a great end result on your own as a weekend DIY and all you will need are a few essential materials, time, and a little TLC.

There are various options for creating a pathway, depending on your skill. If you’re a novice, the easiest way to create a striking pathway is to use a simple sandset path technique which will require stones to be laid on a bed of sand. This is an easy way to get everything level and create a stable walkway that you can enjoy for years to come. When you’re done, you can fill the spaces between the stones with sand or gravel or even plants that can tolerate foot traffic.

Shop around for the ideal types of stone or cobble that you would like to use to create your walkway. At Revelstone you will find a variety to choose from to create your own unique design. Revelstone’s extensive range of textured cobbles add a beautiful finish to commercial spaces, driveways, entrances and pathways, as well as landscaped areas.

Revelstone’s Ravine Stepping Stone offers texture with its irregular shape and size that provides an affordable and attractive way to create a garden pathway through lawn, flower beds or stone chips.

Quality always wins

Whatever your choice, ensure that you choose quality pavers or stone to create a durable finish. Look for textured options so that these do not become slippery when wet, which can become a hazard. Natural surfaces are often best as these offer texture and strength that will hold up under foot traffic and the external elements.

Finish off your DIY project with beautiful edging to complete your walkway. You can choose edging in a variety of finishes to suit your tastes and this will keep your walkway together and in place for future use.

For example, Jura Edging from Revelstone is an extremely versatile new edging product thst can be used in many applications – coinmmercial or residential. It can also be used flat or upright depending on the application. It also boasts the flat yet textured Jura finish and is available in all standard colours.

Create a magical pathway and shop quality products from Revelstone.

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