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Apr 23, 2020

Revelstone: 5 Ways To Style A Small Designer Garden

You can create an outdoor oasis, even in the smallest of spaces. Make full use of your backyard, stoep or courtyard and transform this into an outdoor haven. Here we share five ways to style a small designer garden like a pro.


  1. Start from the floor up

A small courtyard is the perfect spot to showcase beautiful paving, cobbles or stonework as a floor. This is a sure way to create a homely atmosphere or a country vibe with added texture, colour and interest. Stone is also a durable item that will be easy to maintain in a small space. You could also opt for a more refined outdoor tiling option that you can use at the base for a stylish floor and then add furniture such as an outdoor table, seating and more. The right flooring will certainly set the tone for your designer garden.

2. Create a magical pathway

If you’re dreaming about a beautiful Italian inspired courtyard, be sure to create a stone pathway that leads from one space to the next and connects your garden to your courtyard. A little cobble walkway or stone path will add some interest in your designer garden and also serve a functional role, as you walk between the various zones.

3. Keep it fresh with seasonal blooms

Florals are a great way to add colour and life into a designer courtyard or small garden… and you don’t need a ton of space to achieve a designer look! Whether you are planting directly into the soil or opting for a potted variety, ensure that you speak to your local nursery and invest in plants that are suited to your space.

4. Maintain your plants and garden like a pro.

Things to consider before planting new blooms are:

  • The types of soil needed, as well as the amount of sunlight and moisture needed. Plants differ, so be sure to read the planting instructions before you incorporate these into your garden.
  • Plant food and fertilizers. If you’re potting plants, you may need a good quality potting mix to ensure your ground has enough nutrients for your new plants.
  • Irrigation. Do you have access to water in your courtyard or small garden? Will you need to install a tap or irrigation system?

5. Go for something bold and beautiful

Whether you include a bold sculptural piece in the garden, a water feature or an outdoor seating space or bold bench, go for a little drama and ensure you create a space you love. Outdoor art is another great option, as well as bright shades of outdoor furniture. Whatever your choice, ensure that it suits your style and adds to the overall look of your garden.

If you’re looking for the ideal outdoor landscaping products for your garden, including cobbles, cladding, pavers and more, be sure to visit Revelstone for a wide variety to suit your space.

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