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Renovation Inspiration in 3D

If you’re thinking about revamping your home, we know it is not practical or even possible to shop for building materials at this time due to the national lockdown, but it’s the perfect opportunity to browse ideas and renovation inspiration for future projects, and Corobrik has just the tool to help you visualise how different products will look when applied to different designs.


Corobrik’s 3D Visualiser is a new virtual tool that allows you to apply different products such as face brick or clay pavers in an assortment of colours, textures, sizes, and finishes onto different buildings and surfaces. This allows you to see exactly what the products will look like on the façade of a building or surface, and assists you in picking various other products that will match and complement each other.

Image: Corobrik.co.za



Pictured above is a virtual scene of the façade of a home using Corobrik’s clay face brick in Agate with a travertine finish, paired with clay paving around the poolside from Corobrik’s Champagne paver range. As you can see, these colour choices blend well together as they are both a neutral, light-golden colour.

Image: Corobrik.co.za



The façade of the same home takes on a totally different visual appearance by simply changing the face brick and clay pavers. The face brick on the house has been swopped for Corobrik’s Bofolo in a smooth travertine finish, the poolside pavers have been swapped for a rich red colour (from Corobrik’s clay paver range in the colour De Hoop Red), and the pillar has been swapped for dark face brick, namely, Corobrik’s Cape Stormberg in a rustic finish. The 3D visualiser even allows you to change the orientation of the paving.



Image: Corobrik.co.za


If you’re thinking of paving your driveway and wondering which pavers will go well with the brickwork on the outside of your home, simply change the scene and experiment with different pavers in a wide variety of colours and textures. This driveway is paved using Corobrik’s clay pavers in Graphite and compliments the dark brick pillars utilising Corobrik’s The Black Brick in a smooth, satin finish.



Image: Corobrik.co.za



The same driveway has a totally new look and feel by simply changing the paving colour (now in Corobrik’s Corostone Apricot) and brick orientation – laying them vertically instead of horizontally.

We hope you have fun exploring Corobrik’s 3D Visualiser– looking through the various different buildings and scenes and changing the face brick and pavers to suit your individual style and preference.



How would you use this virtual tool to help you with your future building projects? We would love to hear from you.

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