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Plantr – Beautifully Designed Planters

Greenery and nature are oh so good for the soul. There is no denying the positive impact that bold foliage and potted plants can have in the home or office. With Plantr, we find endless possibilities with stunning contemporary and architectural planters – the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.

As part of a new generation of thinkers, the Plantr team understands that beautiful design and conscious living go hand in hand. With nature and greenery being a core focus, Plantr provides beautiful products designed for positive impact, healthier environments, and feel good spaces.

This stunning wall feature would complement any home or office. Easy to install and just add beautiful plants of your choice! The highlight of this beauty is that it is self-watering and only requires topping up the reservoir once every +-2 months. The Wonderwall looks amazing when set up in multiple units, either as a screen or as a large vertical garden on your wall.

Why greenery?

There are so many benefits to adding nature to your interior design. Here are some of the top reasons to include a potted plant or bold planter installation in your home or office…

  • Improve the overall aesthetics of your space. Greenery adds colour, natural texture and tone to any space. A simple and effective way to beautify even a dull area or patio.
  • Boost your mood. Plants are an inexpensive way to lift your spirits and boost productivity. They can help cheer you up, encourage creativity and add to the vibrant ambience of your space.
  • The eco-friendly decor choice. There is no better way to go green than to include natural greenery in your next design.
  • Improve air quality in your home or office. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This is a great way to enhance the air quality in your space.

Whether you want to design a bold installation for a modern interior, rooftop balcony, corporate office or patio, the inspiration is endless at Plantr. They have successfully worked on a range of corporate and residential installations and their innovative designs showcase nature at its best.

Plantr also offers a range of beautiful planters and greenery off the shelf, available from their showroom at The Palms in Woodstock, as well as a dynamic custom planter design solution, utilizing 3D modelling software and lifelike renders. This paired with great customer service makes Plantr your premium greenery destination.

For more visit Plantr.


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