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The Voice of The Clay Brick Industry

The Clay Brick Association of South Africa expands awareness, knowledge and support for clay brick masonry. Their goal is to ensure that local property owners achieve long life, good value and sustained performance from brick walling and paving.

The Association is renowned for its first-rate technical information that is used by the construction industry to design, detail and build in burnt clay masonry products with absolute confidence. The CBA has publishes both online and printed informative technical guides and fact sheets on specifying and building with clay masonry.

The website – www.claybrick.org – provides an extensive library of fact sheets and in-depth articles for property owners and developers, architects and builders. It also provide convenient map-based and city-based searches for buyers and quantity surveyors to find clay brick suppliers near their construction site. This saves on transport costs while reducing your carbon footprint!

Environmental Focus

As the environmental consciousness of society grows, the demand on building professionals to incorporate green principles into sustainable building designs will magnify. clay bricks are the building material of choice in creating environmentally responsible living and workspaces for today’s generation and beyond.

With clay bricks being the material of choice for many building professionals and consumers alike, they also enjoy an international legacy in sustainable building design. Clay bricks offer one of the most cost effective ways of introducing thermal mass into a building’s design. Their natural insulation properties ensure the moderation of internal temperatures, thus reducing the need for artificial and costly heating and cooling.

More about CBA:

The CBA maintains regular contact with the offices of national administrations such as the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, and the Department of Housing, so as to ensure government regulations are adhered to. In terms of new legislation, environmental impact assessments are carried out before any mining takes place. Rehabilitation takes place through an approved environmental management plan.

Through its multifaceted commitment to the quality and professionalism of the industry, the CBA strives to support an age-old proven building tradition.

All members are committed to the production and supply of premium products to the building industry and end-users. Membership is voluntary, with the prerequisite that members uphold the integrity of the Clay Brick mark and supply only top-grade clay masonry products.

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