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The Perks of Clay Paving.

Paving a surface is usually done using brick, concrete, stone, or tile and is an important landscape investment that is extremely beneficial in the long term. Clay pavers are both a pretty and practical choice for outdoor or indoor surfaces and are our preferred recommendation for a material that is durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. The advantages of clay pavers are endless. Let’s explore the many benefits below.

Clay pavers retain their colour well and stay looking newer for longer. Clay pavers are naturally pigmented by mixing together various types of clays, therefore they retain colour better than concrete pavers, especially when exposed to UV rays and other harsh weather conditions.


Clay pavers are a great choice if you’re looking for a weather-resistant material to cover a driveway, exposed parking area, or entertainment space outdoors. If you’re located in KZN or Gauteng, explore Corobrik’s versatile range of clay pavers here. If you’re in the Cape, explore Corobrik’s clay pavers in a diverse array of colours and textures here.



Clay pavers are made from natural clay and therefore have a classic, timeless appearance and compliment any outdoor environment. Whether you choose a rich red clay paver such as Corobrik’s De Hoop Red, whichcreates a beautiful contrast against vibrant greenery, or a muted beige such as the colour Champagne from Corobrik’s Clay Paver range, the natural colour palettes blend perfectly with any outdoor environment.


Clay pavers are low maintenance and resist staining. They ultimately require less maintenance and cleaning than other surfaces such as concrete pavers. They are aesthetically pleasing and have a distinct appeal as they age. A worn pathway created using clay pavers often has character, warmth, and charm.

Clay pavers are an eco-friendly choice. Not only are they made from natural materials, but clay pavers are frequently cleaned, reused and recycled which makes them a more sustainable paving choice.

For both beauty and durability underfoot, Corobrik clay brick pavers offer aesthetic appeal and great practicality. Corobrik’s distinctive range of clay brick pavers offer an extensive palette of colours and textures, offering an excellent spectrum for all tastes and lifestyles. Find the perfect paver for your next project online, or visit your nearest Corobrik centre and chat to our expert consultants for more advice.







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