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Revelstone: Create A Beautiful Backyard Pond

It is time to rethink our green spaces and embrace the power of natural beauty in our own backyard. A beautiful backyard pond is the perfect addition to an outdoor oasis at home. With the soothing sounds of water trickling, you’ll drift off to a magical place, right at home.

Backyard ponds are not that difficult to create at home. Depending on the size of your backyard, and the space you have for a pond, you can get creative and come up with an original design or one that echoes a natural pond in the great outdoors.

There are quite a few considerations to constructing the perfect backyard pond. These include:

Position: Where will you place your pond and what type of soil is in this area. Choose a spot that you can highlight as a feature in your garden and you’re sure to enjoy it for many seasons to come.

Shape and size: Various shaped ponds may work for your backyard, but it is important to choose a shape that maximises your unique garden. Think about the setting and surrounds – does it connect to your landscape?

Style: Visit your local nursery or water garden stockists to get ideas of the materials and styles you prefer. Go online for inspiration and check out various installations before settling on your top choice.

A Pump and Outlet: Your pond’s location will need access to a working pump to keep water moving as well as a power outlet – either battery operated or near a practical power source. Ensure that the size of your pump suits the size of your pond. Bigger ponds require more powerful systems.

Lighting: A feature pond will look great with accompanying lighting to highlight it as a feature in the garden. Waterproof, outdoor lighting is key here which will withstand the elements and provide much needed illumination to your prized backyard pond.

Safety: Safety is important, especially if you have young children or pets at home. You may want to invest in a pond cover to protect your family or an enclosure that stretches around the width of the pond.

Whatever your choice, an outdoor pond is a sure way to bring beauty and organic flair to your yard. Shop everything you need to create your own outdoor oasis at Revelstone.


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