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Pretty and Practical Nutmeg Pavers


If you’re looking for a paver that will work well for driveways and areas with a high volume of vehicle traffic, Corobrik’s Nutmeg pavers are the ideal choice. A gorgeous blend of brownish-red and blue hues with deep, muted, rusty orange and copper undertones – this product’s inherent properties and aesthetic characteristics mask the existence of tyre marks and oil stains. Corobrik’s Nutmeg Pavers are both pretty and practical.

Pictured below is a sample of Corobrik’s Nutmeg Paver. This range also includes the Nutmeg Piazza Paver, the Nutmeg Doppio Paver,and the Nutmeg Cobble Paver – all feature the same beautiful brown/copper hue in slightly different shapes and sizes.

To view the full range you can visit the downloads page on the Corobrik website and explore their brochure on Clay Pavers.

Corobrik’s Nutmeg Pavers are ideal for definition and design work when paired with the rich biscuit colour of Corobrik’s Cederberg Pavers. We recommend alternating these two colours and laying them out in a Herringbone bond pattern as seen in the picture below.

Featured here is an iconic area in Durban, KZN – Kingsmead Office Park– which has also utilized a beautiful combination of Corobrik’s Nutmeg and Cederberg Pavers to execute a striking design on their walkway. The paving has been laid in a Random Bond application

For more inspirational paver ideas, visit the Corobrik gallery online, or contact your nearest Corobrik centre for more advice on your upcoming paving projects.

Would you use the warm, rusty brown Nutmeg pavers on their own, or incorporate the rich biscuit hues of Corobrik’s Cederberg Pavers as the perfect colour combination? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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