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Popular Paving Patterns – Stretcher Bond

Arguably the most commonly used paving pattern – the Stretch Bond technique is both pretty and practical. If this paving pattern were a flavour of ice cream, it would be classic and plain vanilla. Often referred to as “Brick Bond,” there are many reasons so many people lay their paving in this style.


Firstly, this style of bond pattern is relatively easy to achieve. It can be laid very accurately with perfect alignment and consistent joints for a very formal and professional effect, or it can be laid more casually with uneven joints for a more informal and less rigid appearance. For more advice on how to lay this particular paving pattern and many others, visit the “Laying Your Own Paving” brochure on Corobrik’s website and download it for free.


When choosing paving patterns for your project, you need to consider the area you are paving and what it will be used for. Think about the type of traffic or weight the pavers will bare – this will help you to determine which paving patterns will suit your project best

Stretcher bond is a popular choice for small patio areas that get light foot traffic. This pattern is not made to withstand heavy loads such as motor vehicles. In saying that, you can still use this pattern for driveways if you’d like to, just be aware that you will need to design your driveway with rows of edging laid on a cement base to stop the turning wheels of heavy vehicles from shifting the pavers.


Featured above is Corobrik’s “Tuscan Blend” from their versatile clay paving range laid in the stretcher bond pattern. This colour paver features soft terracotta and peach hues with some random flashing producing a paver rich in character, reminiscent of the fired clay of medieval Tuscany. Explore this beautiful range and many more online.

You can choose to be more creative with the plain stretcher bond pattern and choose different coloured clay pavers that will make this simple bond pattern more eye-catching and unique.


Dare to be different? Why not recreate this paving look above with warm reds and natural and golden beige hues? We recommend alternating between Corobrik’s “Champagne Paver” (a light biscuit colour) and offsetting it with the vibrant and rich “De Hoop Red” – both colours are available in Corobrik’s diverse clay paver range.

Stretcher bond, herringbone or random – which paving pattern will you use for your next paving project? We’d love to hear from you in comments section below.


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