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Popular Paving Patterns – Random Bond

There are many different paving applications to choose from, and if the popular patterns such as Stretcher bond and Herringbone are too structured for you, you can opt to create a pattern that is haphazard such as Random bond. This pattern is ideal for garden pathway application and is a flexible paving pattern which allows for movement.


You can achieve a more informal and rustic look by setting your pathway out with many twists and turns, or by making the joint sizes between your pavers a bit uneven and less rigid like the charming pathway below.

For more advice on how to lay this particular paving pattern and many others, visit the “Laying Your Own Paving” brochure on Corobrik’s website and download the step-by-step guide for free.

Random bond often borrows elements from other paving pattern styles and lays them out in an eclectic format. Featured above is a Random bond pattern that is reminiscent of both the Stretcher and Circle bond pattens.


This beautiful paving application on the Umhlanga promenade uses a mixture of “Basket Weave” and “Stretcher Bond” patterns to achieve a unique and effective aesthetic that mirrors the waves of the ocean. “Cederberg,” “Burgundy,” and “Champagne” pavers from Corobrik’s versatile clay paving range have been used to create this iconic KZN walkway. Explore Corobrik’s diverse array of clay pavers online.



For beauty and durability underfoot, Corobrik’s clay pavers offer both aesthetic appeal and great practicality. Visit your nearest Corobrik centre to explore the widest range of clay pavers for your next paving project.




Random Bond, Herringbone Bond or Stretcher Bond – which paving pattern is your favourite and which will you use for your next paving project? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.






















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