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Popular Paving Patterns – Herringbone Bond

Herringbone bond is a very attractive pattern and creates a geometric texture which always looks sleek and contemporary, even with an overall regularly coloured paver. This pattern is achieved by laying paving at a 45 degree angle in a zigzag formation. The pavers are locked together in this formation to provide a tight grid which resists movement – therefore providing the perfect application for areas of high or heavy vehicular traffic.

For more advice on how to lay this particular paving pattern and many others, visit the “Laying Your Own Paving” brochure on Corobrik’s website and download the step-by-step guide for free.

Pictured above is paving laid in the Herringbone bond pattern. The use of different coloured pavers here adds character, charm and a contemporary flair to this urban setting. To recreate this paving project we recommend alternating between Corobrik’s “Onyx Piazza Paver,” “Burgundy Piazza Paver,” and “Champagne Piazza Paver” from Corobrik’s diverse array of clay pavers.

Using the Herringbone Bond pattern and alternating between two different colours creates beautiful, vertical lines and an illusion of movement – a striking feature for any driveway. To recreate this look, we recommend using “Ironstone” and “Graphite” from Corobrik’s versatile clay paving range.


If you’d prefer to keep things simple and understated, why not choose a single colour clay paver for your entire paving project that tones in with the rest of the room? The laundry room pictured above uses a neutral colour paver which compliments this light and bright washing area. Anything from Corobrik’s champagne paver range would work very well to recreate a similar aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a clay paver that is bound to compliment any outdoor landscape application, Corobrik’s “Burgundy Pavers” are an excellent choice and extremely popular in commercial and office park roads and pedestrian walkways. Explore the full range of Burgundy pavers here.


Herringbone Bond, Stretcher Bond or Random Bond – which paving pattern will you use for your next paving project? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.









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