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Perfecting Paving Patterns

Paving pathways, driveways, walkways and patios are a great way to keep surface areas neat and clean, and the options are endless when it comes to the various patterns you can create with Corobrik’s versatile range of clay pavers– available in many different shapes and sizes. For both beauty and durability, Corobrik clay pavers are a perfect choice.

Looking for inspiration for an upcoming paving project? Explore these unique paving patterns below and choose a design that will best suit you and the type of area you are paving.

Above are 8 of the most popular paving patterns seen in commercial and home paving projects. Stretcher bondpattern is the most commonly used as it is both simple and effective, easy to execute and recommended for all paving applications. For a step-by-step guide on how to lay your own paving in the stretcher bondpattern, or various others, visit the Corobrik website and download the free brochure.

You can choose to lay this paving pattern in one uniform colour or explore your creativity and alternate the colours of the pavers in your own unique style such as this “ombre effect” driveway pictured below – where charcoal pavers gradually disperse into a light grey.

For areas of high vehicular traffic such as driveways, we recommend using a Herringbone pattern(depicted below). This pattern resists movement and withstands heavy loads. We recommend choosing a darker colour such as Corobrik’s Onyx Piazza Paver from their clay paving range which won’t show stains like tyre marks and oil.

For a more intricate design that will show off your entertaining area, try a Basket Weave pattern – great for patios and areas with high foot traffic. Choose a colour that will complement the colour palette of the rest of your building and outdoor décor. Rich reds, burgundy’s and browns are always eye-catching and blend well with natural surroundings. We love Corobrik’s Burgundy clay paver range. Have a look at their full Burgundy clay paver range in the latest downloadable brochure.

Which paving pattern is your favourite and where would you use it to perfect your next paving project?corob

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