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Inspirational Paving Patterns – Thinking “Outside the Blocks.”

Paving provides a pretty and practical material for any surface – outdoor or in. We’re drawing inspiration from paving projects that express creativity and provide design ideas that think a little “outside the blocks.”


For both beauty and durability underfoot, Corobrik clay pavers offer aesthetic appeal and practicality. Corobrik’s distinctive range provides an extensive palette of colours and textures, offering a unique spectrum for all tastes and lifestyles.

Spotted in Valencia, Spain, this unique paving project looks like something out of an old video game. The designer has played with paving in darker and lighter shades of grey to create an interesting Rubik’s Cube effect. 


Find the perfect paver in any shade you desire for your next paving project here.



This perfectly paved driveway plays with shades of grey and white pavers and draws your eye down a neat path to the owner’s front door. The busy “basket weave” paving patterns on the left and right are complemented by the simple paving pattern of the central pathway. To explore the various paving patterns such as herringbone, stretcher bond and random bond, visit the “downloads” section on the Corobrik website for a free brochure with useful information on these paving patterns and how to lay them.


This paved driveway cleverly uses pavers in light and dark hues to create a modern aesthetic. The darker colour choice is a great idea as it won’t show the dirt. Driveways are high traffic areas and often prone to tire marks and oil spots. This colour is sure to keep the paving looking fresher and newer for longer. The use of light and dark clay pavers are often used in office block areas as a useful way to demarcate parking spaces.


If you’re looking for dark clay pavers for your next paving project that won’t show the dirt, we recommend using the colour “Graphite” from Corobrik’s clay paver range.


It’s easy to be inspired by Corobrik’s versatile range of clay pavers, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From light, neutral, caramel hues to dark charcoal and burnt apricot oranges – Corobrik has colours to suit any palette. Which colours and patterns will you use for your next paving project? Let us know in the comments section below.




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