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Clay Brick Association

Representing clay brick and paver manufacturers in South Africa, the Clay Brick Association does not only endeavour to educate builders, architects, property owners and developers, as well as the broader public about the benefits of choosing clay bricks, but also its unique aesthetic appeal and versatility.

One project that not only showcases the contemporary appeal of clay bricks but also its green credentials is BlackBrick Sandton.

“BlackBrick Sandton is a recently completed conversion that embodies the ethos of sustainability on a scale that integrates sustainability in just about every aspect of modern living,” says the association.

As Mariana Lamont from the Clay Brick Association explains: “Sustainably designed buildings are energy efficient, resource-efficient and serve the long-term economic, social and environmental needs of communities. Clay brick masonry demonstrates all these qualities during construction, throughout its long operational life”.

Not only are these bricks made from locally sourced natural material that is durable and low maintenance, but it is also naturally insulating.

“Clay bricks are thermal batteries, using energy from the sun to provide natural thermal efficiency, reducing the need for electricity-guzzling air-conditioners, heaters and humidifiers,” explains the company.

When it came to BlackBrick, the building’s facade posed serious challenges both in terms of structural demands as well as the demands of a future-centric sustainable vision. Luckily, local manufacturer Federale Stene was able to meet the demands of the project, supplying sustainably produced clay bricks that adhered to all ISO standards.

“Its façade screams ‘visibility’ – and these clay bricks were the solution – achieving far more than this aesthetic demand by bringing its unique mix of thermal properties, adaptive manufacturing advantages and reliable, low-carbon proximity of supply to this ambitious project,” says the Clay Brick Association.

“Transforming the older office block into a blend of comfortable living spaces, workspaces and community-fostering facilities leads the growing trend for sustainable, mixed-use lifestyle developments,” they add – a trend we hope to see more of in our cities.


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