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Cheers to Champagne Pavers – A Colour Worth Toasting

Paving provides a neat and near-perfect appearance for surfaces both outdoors and in, and we’re celebrating Corobrik’s range of clay pavers – in the colour Champagne. Featuring a golden biscuit monotone appearance, these pretty pavers are neutral and unobtrusive and complement a broad combination of design décor and landscape environments.

Due to their lightly-coloured appearance, Champagne pavers are most appropriate for areas that can be kept clean. Pool sides are the perfect application where natural weathering will help prevent stains. Pictured below is Corobrik’s Champagne Paver laid in a Stretcher Bond pattern

This pale colour reflects heat and so is also a great choice for patios or pathways and other areas which get a lot of direct sun, as they won’t retain heat as much as the darker coloured clay pavers are inclined to do, keeping these areas cool. Pictured below is Corobrik’s Champagne Piazza Paver laid in a Herringbone pattern.


Corobrik’s Champagne range also includes the Champagne Doppio Paver and the Champagne Cobble Paver – the same nude hue in slightly different shapes and sizes. To view the full range you can visit the downloads page on the Corobrik website and explore their brochure on Clay Pavers.

If you’re thinking of renovating or building a new home and you’d like to see what the various Champagne Pavers would look like in a particular space, you can test them out using Corobrik’s 3D Visualiser – a unique tool that allows you to take the guesswork out of designing by testing out Corobrik’s clay pavers and bricks on different areas of a home or building.

It’s easy to be inspired by Corobrik’s versatile range of clay pavers, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Are you bubbling with excitement over these classy Champagne Pavers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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